20 Jun 2010

歲月神偷 Echoes of the Rainbow

年代 2010
國家 中國香港
類別 劇情
語言 粵語
片長 117mins
字幕 英文//簡體中文
文件格式 MKV
文件大小 300MB

導演 羅啟銳 Alex Law
主演 吳君如 Sandra Ng
   任達華 Simon Yam
   鐘紹圖 Buzz Chung
   李治廷 Aarif Lee
   蔡穎恩 Evelyn Choi
   秦沛 Paul Chun
   張堅庭 Alfred Cheung
   張同祖 Joe Cheung
   許鞍華 Ann Hui


The film depicts Hong Kong in the striving 60s, as seen through the eyes of a child. Nosy, naughty and always running into trouble, the kid observes with wit and humor the ever changing society of Hong Kong.
The story revolves around the kid and his family - a working class father, a happy-go-lucky mother, an aspiring, starry-eyed elder brother, and our young protagonist himself. Through the elder brother's first romance, and the family's encounters with love, hope, failure, death and rebirth, we travel back to a place called old Hong Kong, a time we'll always remember, and a place we have always called home.


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