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By Dave Trott November 14 2011, 11:52 pm 

 No one could understand why Steve Jobs was such a fanatic for quality.
Beyond what was reasonable. Beyond what was cost-effective.
I think it can be explained by what was on the walls of his bedroom.
He had just two things in there, apart from the bed.
A photograph of Albert Einstein.
A photograph of Guru Mahara-Ji.
These represented the two main influences in his life.
 The technology of the west. The philosophy of the east.
And he was extreme in his adherence to both.
It dates from his childhood experience.

Steve Jobs’ father was a craftsman. In their garage he would restore cars.
Every part had to be perfect, whether you could see it or not.
Steve asked his father why he took such trouble.
 The car would work just as well whether the unseen parts were clean or dirty.
His father explained that’s the way a craftsman works.
He does it for himself. To know he’s done a perfect job.
If a craftsman is making a piece of furniture he doesn’t skimp,
he doesn’t use cheap wood on the part that goes against the wall,
where no one can see it. Because the craftsman will know it’s there.
And he’ll always know he did a shoddy job. And, of course,
it’s exactly the same with Zen. Whatever job you do, you do it the
best you possibly can. Because that is how you hold your life.
If we try to do a cheap job where no one can see, if we try to
get away with things, if we cheat. Then that is how we hold our life,
 and that becomes our life. We can’t do a bad job only in one place.
What we do permeates everything we do.

There’s an old joke about
two tramps who find a saucepan of soup with a dog turd in it.
The first tramp says “What a shame, shall we throw it away?”
 The other tramp says “No, just eat the soup where the turd hasn’t been.”
The joke is, of course, you can’t. Because it’s polluted all the soup.
That’s a good metaphor for the Zen way of life. You can’t get away with anything,
because it pollutes your life. Which is why Steve Jobs was fanatical about
every single detail of every single product. He wasn’t working to a timesheet.
 He wasn’t deciding how many hours could be profitably allocated to a job.
But, after Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple the first time, John Sculley from
Pepsi took over. He was a bookkeeper by training, and tried to run Apple accordingly.
That’s how he managed to take the company to near bankruptcy. He thought constantly
cutting costs was the way to maximise profit. By making existing products cheaper,
instead of making great products Until eventually no one wanted to buy
Apple products anymore. And, when Apple was dead in the water,
 Steve Jobs was brought back. With the crazy idea that quality counted more than cost.
With the crazy idea that people wanted better products, not just cheaper products.
With the crazy idea that doing a great job came first, Totally unreasonable,
totally against conventional wisdom. And in fifteen years, with that totally crazy idea,
 Steve Jobs took Apple from near-bankruptcy to the most valuable company in the world.

 For me, Steve Jobs demonstrates the old maxim.
“If you want to pick the fruit, you’ve got to water the tree.”

 Read more: http://davetrott.campaignlive.co.uk/2011/11/14/why-steve-jobs-didnt-do-timesheets/#ixzz1hZqsH4M3

great article. appreciate

21 Dec 2011


从2010到2011,陈绮贞以创作女歌手之姿, "夏季练习曲演唱会"创造了独立乐坛的奇迹, 她的概念演唱会一直是爱乐者的梦幻逸品。 一票难求!爆满的巡回演唱,她用音乐创作为梦想做了最真实的实践, 低调地创造惊人的记录。 夏季结束,陈绮贞以"蜉蝣"为灵感, 用她的"乌克丽丽"小吉他,在狭小的房间,写下这首 献给喧闹世界的梦想之歌。 她的音乐似乎在告诉我们,梦想永远不会中断,夏天永远不会离去。 "我们都只不过是感情过剩的花朵 除了快乐 别无所求 " --------------陈绮贞 蜉蝣 2011 

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12 Dec 2011

林海峰 是但嗡X我好惊

林海峰是香港潮流界的代表人物之一,他的楝篤笑表演一向都非常旺場,有不少追隨者。林海峰亦是歌手一名,早在軟硬天師時代已推出過唱片,後常為自己的歌曲填詞成為唱作人,而其唱片包裝亦甚有特色。此外,一直有參與一些電視與電台廣告配音工作。亦曾為一些歌手作大碟創作總監,他的設計作品更在海外得不少獎項。 除此之外,林海峰自创的“是但嗡”栋笃笑系列在香港已被列为潮流指标,每一场的“是但嗡”系列都带给了观众不同的惊喜和高潮。继2010年林海峰《是但嗡x我愿意》大马棟篤笑表演,热烈的得到大马观众的好评后,这次他决定再来大马,为大马观众带出另一个‘盞鬼’的演出《林海峰 是但嗡X我好惊》。“点惊法”?保证让你笑到“惊”,满带笑容的离开现场! 本次棟篤笑表演的宣傳海報中,阿Jan全身昆虫,老鼠乱攀,再摆上个“惊”样,相當盞鬼。这次的主题也反映了这次的演出将会和以往有些不同,演出中将会为观众们带出另一番的体验。。想不想知道如何让你笑到“惊”,那就赶紧买票到现场支持吧!林海峰将尽情的发挥他无敌的搞笑功力以让大家笑翻天,笑爆肚。除了展现笑功,林海峰还会为这次的演出劲歌热舞,他将会与精湛的舞蹈员劲歌热舞,以点燃现场观众的热情,把气炒到沸点。 别以为高潮就只是这样噢!主办单局还细心的安排了林海峰老搭档,葛民辉担任大马站的特别嘉宾。。最搞笑团体,“软硬天师”将再次联手带出极度鬼马及可笑的演出呈现给大马观众。精彩的表演再加上好兄弟的搞笑演出,你们又怎么能错过呢?


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27 Oct 2011

Some quote

"Some simple work tips: Don't look for excuses. Don't look for shortcuts. Look for opportunities. Work on it. Enjoy the fruits. Celebrate. Reward yourself. Affirm others. Then forget it. Start again. And if you still fail? Well, screw it. Celebrate anyways. Reward yourself. Affirm others. Then forget it. Start again:)"
From Alvin, ECD

25 Sep 2011


細閱每週末的陶傑講堂,總覺得他詞鋒銳利,苛刻,但卻會心一笑。能把時事看得很透切,的確不容易。他讓我知道,有論點就敢言。今天的主題是-怯懦。以外國的文化來和華人文化比較,過分怯懦也許是華人的通病,正確的說應該是受華文教育的人,儒家思想被後世人變成怯懦的根基。工作里,受英文教育的人總比華文教育的人來得敢言,會是英文的強弱根基影響了思維,怯於發言?cowardice is the most despicable of sin,謝謝陶先生讓我讀到這句話,它使我的怯懦變成一種罪惡。

7 Jul 2011

This is what we called idea

  • >>> via >> http://www.davidairey.com/elastic-band-packaging/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CreativeDesign+%28Creative+Design%29

Design student Ric Bixter came up with this idea for elastic band packaging.

The design brief was to “Go into a pound shop and pick a seemingly uninteresting object and rebrand it, increasing the value and interest.”

great idea..~

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