27 Nov 2008

D&AD 2009

2009 D&AD Student Awards Call For Entries

Now that the 2009 D&AD Student Awards call for entries has launched I thought I would get in touch to let you know about this years amazing set of challenges.

Highlights across the 27 disciplines include:
Designing a YouTube brand channel for Ford
Creating a Viral to promote eBay
Creating a product for Antarctic explorers for Fortnum & Mason
Defining the FCUK sub-brand for French Connections audiences
Creating a Music Video for Gorillaz project Monkey
So if you are still studying and would like to take another shot this year and hopefully beat your result from 2008 then please log on to dandad.org/studentawards09 to register and access the briefs.


another years again..D&Ad...i gonna challenge you again.!

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