30 Dec 2007

My Bday . First time watch soccer match

My birthday, went to watch my 1st soccer match in my life..is LIVE~!
Birmingham City V.S Fulham (English Premier League)

Walking to the stadium..~~ move move move

A lot of people..~

Collecting ticket

Student price..so very cheap~!

Waiting to get in..


Wah~! is full..

Match started~!

Bought a bottle of water...deisgn quite nice

Half time...a lot of people go toilet..

Goal~!~!~! everyone stand up and shout~!~


Rickydaskylinez said...

last time stare at de tv watch 4 live match... now sittin in de stadium watch 4 live match... 'chi kek'....

cindy said...

wah... shiok loooo....
bt how come u dint snap urself one?

Keane said...

bo eng dao..so din snap myself

Anonymous said...

hey neh, da' uniqlo clock cool i want also!!!!
last time i saw in dunno which www d.......


d4e said...


Anonymous said...

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